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Hockey Umpire Radios

Our umpire radio sets use the latest interphone version v6-1200, combined with ‘acoustic airtube’ earpieces to provide full duplex, always-on communication.  These are lightweight and comfortable providing great clarity of communication.

We also have a range of multi-user kits available in various configurations to enable either two, three or four umpires, coaches and assessors to talk and listen simultaneously.  The V6 radios allow two people to be connected in full duplex open channel comms.  Using the GOREF radios, up to four people can be connected in full duplex open channel comms.
GOREF radio
The kits are affordable, small and lightweight, weatherproof and comfortable to wear.  They provide full duplex, always on communication with high quality sound and digital signal processing to enable effective cut-out of whistle tones.

The units provide unparalleled clarity utilising Bluetooth frequencies which ensures that the communication link between the units is ‘secure’ and only open to those initially paired.  Each time of use requires the units to be paired such that any two units can connect and communicate with each other.

The radios enable effortless communication between umpires and can potentially provide a real benefit to all umpires (irrespective of the level at which they are umpiring)