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Instructions - V6 Pro Umpire Radios

To turn on and connect two Umpire (V6) radios:
Start with both V6 Pro units turned off. (Press the RESET button to turn off)
On the first unit, press and hold the INTERPHONE buttonuntil the LED flashes red and blue. 
On the second unit, press and hold the INTERPHONE button until the LED flashes flash blue - the units will automatically pair with each other. 
[If using a V6 Pro with one of the older V6 units, eansure that the older V6 unit is used as the first unit when pairing]
Adjust the volume (+/-) as necessary
When finished, turn off the units by pressing the RESET/OFF button
If you press one of the other buttons during a match, you may lose the communication channel between the two units, although the connection should still remain.  You should be able to recover communication by pressing and releasing the Interphone button once and waiting for a few seconds whilst communcations are restored.